You don’t want ice buildup on your air conditioner!

If you ever see ice buildup on your air conditioner, this is not a good sign. The ice is not supposed to build up anywhere on your air conditioner, and you should not continue to operate your air conditioner if you see ice! This potentially could happen if you turn the thermostat too low. It definitely is not recommended to lower your thermostat below 70 degrees. A few things could happen if you do this. Your indoor condenser coil could potentially freeze up, and your ductwork could possibly sweat. You don’t want the ductwork to sweat as it could cause unwanted mold growth in your home and cause water damage to your walls and ceilings. There are a bunch of potential causes for ice appearing on your air conditioning system, and many of them would require the professionals to come out and repair your cooling system. You could be dealing with a bad fan motor, a broken fan belt, a faulty thermostat, or another serious complication that you will need an HVAC professional to check for. If you have a clogged up air filter, you can simply change the air filter yourself and this might fix the problem. The ice could be a result of running your air conditioner with the windows open, make sure to close them! If the supply or return vents are closed, you need to open them, and this could solve your problem. Other than that, you must reach out to your local HVAC company for professional assistance to take care of the problem with ice buildup!

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