You can’t fix everything, including the A/C

The single life is the best life for me. I’ve never actually wanted to be in a passionate relationship. It just is not for me. I do have a lot of male friends that I get picked on about, although I actually don’t have any feelings for them. I like the freedom of being single. I can travel and do so much more as a single person than I ever could married. And that’s especially if children were in the picture. I have to admit there are some disadvantages to being single. One of them is not having someone to service things that break around the house. I guess that some young girls like me could fix a lot of things, but I am not that way. For instance, my air conditioner started acting up a couple of weeks ago, plus I had a feeling it would not last much longer. It was still cooling the kitchen down, although I noticed it took much longer than it usually does to cool down. I usually turn the air conditioner on about an hour before I go to bed, and then the rooms are actually cool when I am ready to go to sleep. Recently, though, it hasn’t been cooled down in an hour. I have had to turn the air conditioner on several hours before I go to bed, and last night, I decided that I would look up some tutorials on the internet about repairing air conditioners. I just wanted to see if I could figure out the problem with mine plus then fix it myself. Unfortunately, not only did I not find the problem, but I think I destroyed the air conditioner completely. I will be going to the store tomorrow to buy an undamaged air conditioner.
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