Why can't we hang at the beach all day?

Sometimes I wish my family and I would hang out at the beach all day, especially during the summer when the outdoor temperatures are about 95 degrees.

  • Sunday’s the temperatures can be even warmer and they are close to 100.

Some perfect afternoons me going over to the beach. My mom and my dad have taken all of us over to the beach on several occasions, but the summertime temperatures mean that we have to work on a few things at the same time. What Happens most of the time is going to the beach during the morning and then all of usually spend the afternoon running errands. Sometimes my mom and my dad would let us sit in the car with the cooling component on instead of making us walk around the store at the same time. It seemed to be something that all of us would enjoy, but running the cooling component inside of the car was actually spending some money that did not need to come from the area. The natural sunlight was always warm for a long time and most of the days all of us were forced to walk around the mall and even the store. The mornings when we had to leave the beach and head out to run errands, many of us thought we were having the worst time. Many of our friends did not even get to spend the morning at the beach before being carted all over town. In retrospect, all of us were probably pretty lucky to spend our mornings hanging out at the beach and enjoying the sunshine and fries.


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