Upgrade to office space

I have a feeling that come Monday there are going to be some mad folks in our office. Yet, there will also be a faction of good people who are thankful that a point of such good serious conflict is now moot. There is an HVAC professional who is coming in Friday to take care of an office complication that has gone on too long. I own a small design firm with a little less than 20 employees. Every one of us work in a section that covers one entire floor of a converted building. 40 years ago customers shopped this aged building for everything from mowers to shoes. Now, it has become a pretty nice office building. The layout allows for plenty of room as well as a truly comfortable place to get work done. However, there is only a single temperature control to control the heating as well as cooling for the entire office. This is a source of fighting as co-workers attempt to dominate the control of the temperature. The amount of apprehension created over just a few degrees is just ridiculous. I often think it’s less about the temperature than it is about control itself. And, with all the yanking on the temperature control regularly, the utility bills are getting terribly expensive. So, I’ve decided to put an end to all of it once as well as for all. Friday night the HVAC machine pro will be ripping out the aged temperature control as well as installing a new smart temperature control. The new temperature control will manage the temperature based on all kinds of patterns sensed from several sensors placed around the office. I will have the only manual override. No more fighting to get to the temperature control anymore.
Cooling expert