This was the best option

The worst thing about the Summer around here is easily the humidity. The heat on its own wouldn’t be so awful, however coupled up with eighty percent humidity, and things become pretty irritated without an air conditioning system. Lately, the both of us seem to be getting the worst of the worst as far as the summer weather goes. Unbearably Hot and humid all at the same time, and I don’t have any kind of central a/c in our house. I used to have a window air conditioning system unit, however late last year it up and died on me and I have yet to replace it. I should have kept tabs on the oppressive summer weather so that I knew a heat wave was coming and I could have been better prepared. Or even better, I should have just replaced our old air conditioning system unit well before the start of the Summer when the prices were still low. It’s too late now to change anything like that, however at this point I’m stuck either suffering through the interminably hot weather or going to buy an overpriced a/c unit. I’m thinking I might wait awhile to buy a new air conditioning system unit instead of doing it now, so that I can get 1 for a more reasonable price. However, I am going to be dealing with some absolutely hot afternoons ahead long before that happens. The prospect is grim either way. I can’t justify spending a several hundreds of dollars more than normal to buy an a/c simply because, with the weather at the moment, most people are buying them. On the other hand, if I follow that line of thinking and don’t buy myself an air conditioning system unit now, I’ll be waiting many months before the prices drop back down. Basically, the hottest section of the Summer will be over then, and I’ll have an a/c unit for the next summer, however this Summer will still be brutal.

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