This boiler is okay

The whole repair took less than 90 minutes

I never get surprised at work, but this month I got stumped. My Dad inspected oil furnaces plus air conditioners when I was a young kid, plus I always watched him working in the garage. I assume I always wanted to learn how to repair them, too. As soon as I gained my GED, I decided to attend a local technical school that focused on Heating plus A/C repair plus upgrade. I excelled in classes, plus I enjoyed the hands on studying activities. I studied actually hard, plus I finished in record time. My Dad got myself and others a job working for the same supplier as him. In fact, my Dad plus I inspected Heating plus A/C upgrade together, until she retired from the supplier last May, this morning, I was sent to the state park to labor on a oil furnace problem. They stumped me, when I saw the propane boiler heater. I’ve never seen a boiler oil furnace powered by propane, plus it was pretty neat. They were using the propane boiler to heat all of the cottages, the bathhouse, plus the chicken hatchery. I had to research a couple of things, before I made the repair. Luckily, the boiler was a model that I am correct with fixing. Although I have not seen this unique boiler used with a propane application, I did not have much trouble finding plus fixing the issue. I even had the right parts on my truck. The whole repair took less than 90 minutes. I’ll be ecstatic to labor at the state park again, because it was a beautiful drive plus an easy repair job.
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