Thief turns out to be an idiot

The heat from the furnace was enough to lull them into a somber sleep.

My friends and I all work at the same grocery area. During the winter holidays, things are extremely busy and we always have a lot of money in the safe. Some thieves decided to hide out in our grocery store overnight last winter, hoping to get away with a lot of cash and other things. The thieves must not have planned out their getaway very well, because they ended up locking themselves inside of the room that holds our Heating and Cooling equipment. There are cameras inside of the store which caught everything, but not the faces of the would-be Rascals. The employees in the store coming to the morning found everything on the cameras. The police carefully reviewed all of the markers and decided that it was evident the would-be Escape artists were still locked inside of the grocery area. Since the door seemed to be jam from one side and another, the police crew had to wait for a locksmith and even a furnace repair center to help with the problems. After 45 minutes, it was found to the thieves being inside of the room. The heat from the furnace was enough to lull them into a somber sleep. They were far too lethargic to attempt an escape when the door was opened. The thieves didn’t plan ahead during any of that robbery and they didn’t pull off a crime that could have been perfect. Instead, they will end up doing 5 or 10 years inside of a prison. I think it’s funny that they didn’t pull of the perfect espace

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