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In the old house where we live, we inherited the world’s oldest thermostat! It’s one of those old, bubble type thermostats where you have to twist the cover with the little red arrow on it to put it on the temperature that you want to set the heating or the A/C. Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t very surprised when that old thermostat finally kicked the bucket. When I started searching online for a new kind of thermostat system, I ran across something called a wireless thermostat. It’s also called a smart thermostat. With this state of the art kind of thermostat system, you can hook up your heating and air conditioning control system right to your smart phone or your laptop computer. With smart thermostats, you can set your smartphone to get alerts if you have any kind of heating or air conditioning emergencies at your house. The other cool thing that you can do is set the programmable thermostat to let you know when your heating or A/C system needs to have the air vents changed out. Plus, you can adjust the temperature of any room in your home from anywhere, at anytime! Another cool thing about this kind of thermostat is the fact that you can order it in one of six fashionable colors so that it will look really nice with whatever type of decor you have in your home. I’m almost glad at this point that our ancient old thermostat finally died after all these years. It gives me a good excuse to order a new smart thermostat system!

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