There is no need to be rattled

My little one has been complaining about the way the school’s air quality as well as their air conditioning is. It is getting towards the end of the Spring semester now, and this time of year, you have the summertime heat starting to pick up. The school’s air conditioning has been weak to put it lightly. I went to pick up my child one day last week, and when I walked into that school, it was almost appreciate a gas furnace! I could not suppose with it being almost 85 degrees outside, that the school had the temperature nearly the same inside. Along with that, for the air quality in the venue, I seen exactly what my child was throwing a fit about. It had this really exhausting murky odor in the air, not to mention it was really humid in the venue. After experiencing all this, I went to the principal’s office to complain. I told them that if they did not do something about this exhausting air quality and air conditioning, I was going to have to report them. The principal of the school was not shocked by what I said… He told me to relax, and that on late Sunday, the school was getting a complete HVAC replace. This was also going to include a whole beach home air purification plan for the school, along with that. The news the principal gave me was the best news I had heard in a quite a long time! I was so excited to tell my son. Today, everything is well with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, the air conditioning and overall air quality of that school!

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