The honesty is key

When my husband and I decided to remodel the bathroom, we needed to find the right plumbing contractor to install all of the fixtures and pipes. My husband and I decided to increase the size of our bathroom by two times. We decided to get rid of the old single sink, and we were going to replace it with a new double sink and vanity. The old bathroom had a tub and shower combination stall, and my husband wanted a separate shower. When we talked about the bathroom remodel, he pushed the separate shower and agreed to a larger jacuzzi tub. Since we had a lot of work to do, we wanted to find the right plumbing contractor for the job. My husband and I researched several different plumbing contractors in the area. One of my co-workers recommended a plumbing contractor from a previous home remodel. My husband and I met with five different plumbing contractors. They came to the house and talked with us about our plans for the bathroom remodel. We discussed our options and our budget. Each one of the plumbing contractors sent us an estimate for the whole bathroom remodel. My husband and I took a few weeks to think over the decision. I’m glad that we took our time to find the perfect plumbing contractor to complete the job. Now that the remodel is done, the place looks perfect. I love everything about our new bathroom, and I really love my new garden tub. In a few years, my husband and I are going to use the same company to remodel the guest bathroom too.

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