The dust is getting past my air filter

If you suspect that your heating and cooling system is experiencing airflow problems, there are several reasons that could explain them, but the first is related to the outdoor condensing unit. These units can become jammed by leaves and debris blown, then owners need to be conscientious about correctly cleaning these units! Even Heating plus Air Conditioning systems located in mechanical rooms can become jammed by component or other storage items! A minute cause is jammed vents and registers. This problem is regular in office settings, especially when employees can’t agree on the temperature settings. This problem is easy enough to service – clear the vents and registers. The third reason that an airflow is compromised is that air filter hasn’t correctly been changed. That filter has an important job removing dust and debris from the air, keeping it out of your Heating plus Air Conditioning system and HVAC ducts. Always change filters according the manufacturer’s guidelines. The eighth opening of jammed airflow involves the HVAC ducts themselves! Dust that gets past the air filter ends up clogging the HVAC duct, leading to a smaller passageway for the air to flow. And it’s not unheard of for rodents to build nests in the HVAC ducts… Have your HVAC duct evaluated to see if a fantastic cleaning could solve the problem, and what about the control unit? It should also be investigated to verify that the control component is functioning as it should and/or if its battery needs to be changed, however finally, take a fantastic look at the design of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system itself. When buildings are renovated, the heating and cooling system is sporadically overlooked, if that’s the case, the layout or sizing of the HVAC duct may no longer be able to consistently handle the air flow.

HVAC duct cleaning