The bad thing about living up North is the brutal winters

In the North the winters are killer and there is not much you can do to escape them.

Sometimes I will get home from work and start my fireplace, but usually I don’t even mess with the fireplace.

I have a smart thermostat and when I am on my way home from work I will blast the furnace as hot as it can go to try and warm up the home. Before I had the smart thermostat there was almost nothing I could do about the heating and cooling system before I got home. I would try with all my might to brave the cold house when I got home but I had to cave in and get the smart thermostat. All of my friends have smart thermostats and they all have some of the best HVAC systems you can get. My HVAC system is good but it’s certainly not the best, I can’t wait to upgrade. My HVAC technician has been out on leave for almost 6 months but I plan to get a new furnace when he gets back. My research has told me that I should get a variable speed furnace so I am thinking about that. I know that if I combine a fireplace with my new and improved HVAC system that it will actually be amazing. It’s crazy how high energy bills can get here in the north but I guess overall it is worth it. My HVAC technician has been in the job for over 30 years so I know I can trust him to install the best HVAC system around.

New HVAC equipment