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My husband Leo is a easily tough worker, then one of the things I’ve consistently enjoyed about him is his crazy work ethic! He enlisted in the military back when he was only 22 plus now he’s retired from the service. When he first came out of the military, he decided that he wanted to get his Heating plus Air Conditioning certification so he enrolled in a nearby trade school that offered come courses in heating, a/c, ventilation, and also radiant heated flooring, not to mention UV air purifiers. Leo didn’t take more than a year to finish up all of the classes. He finished in the top of all of his Heating plus Air Conditioning classes, because he’s easily smart plus he pays close attention to details, and after he got certified in heating and cooling, he went to job at a local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier here in town, he really loves his new job. He tells me every day that the best area about it is that he doesn’t have to get up at sunrise every single afternoon like he did when he was in the military… The other thing that he enjoys about it is the fact that he doesn’t have to stay fresh looking face all the time! Heating plus Air Conditioning servicemens can grow a beard, a fact that I like too since I enjoy a man with some facial hair! All in all, my husband is totally enjoying this modern chapter in his life as an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman, i’m super thankful that he enjoys it, because he really deserves to do something that he enjoys after spending so much time over the past few years devoting himself to the repair of our country.