That was a very hot summer day

I love when I have family coming over to visit. Maybe it’s because I feel like the old days are back for just an hour or so, or maybe I just like having my family around. Either way, I do what I can to make sure that my folks feel welcome in my home. On top of that, I work to make sure that the house doesn’t have any surprises waiting for me when I’m preparing for a visit. So you can imagine how I might have been a bit perturbed the other day, as my home’s air conditioning system promptly gave out on me just an hour before the family was due to arrive. I had to think on my toes, as I had no neighbors that were in town or willing to lend me fridge space for four different desserts. However, I did have zone control thermostats in my house, so I knew that I could designate a room to be much colder than the rest of the house. It wasn’t ideal, as I couldn’t get the zone control thermostat to a temperature below fifty degrees, but I think that was pretty impressive nonetheless! The weather outside was over thirty degrees warmer than it was in that room, so I say the A/C system is a powerful one. That could also be due to using the zone control thermostat, as it essentially put an entire home’s worth of air conditioning into a single room. I’m glad I thought to do it anyway, as it was just enough to allow us to keep the desserts from warming up too much and melting down.

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