Storms hurt during the coldest winter days

Both of us knew this winter season was going to be awful, because the Farmers Almanac told us that year was going to be worse than the past 5.

Both of us thought we were ready for anything that the weather through at the both of us. We had a full service tune up performed on our furnace, so we didn’t have any issues like during the previous year. The both of us ran into some gas furnace issues in addition to had to replace that system. We made sure things during this season. The storms were of no consequence, but a very rare snow storm that included ice pellets cause a lot of damage in our neighborhood. Both of us did not anticipate what would occur if the power was out during the dead days of winter. We didn’t think to buy a backup generator at that time, so both of us had to deal with temperatures that were less than ideal. We couldn’t use the furnace at all during this time, and both of us felt those temperatures were extremely cold. Both of us crawled into the bed and covered up with a bunch of wool blankets. We hoped the furnace would come on and just some time, but even at midnight the power had not been restored. Both of us fell asleep with those covers tightly around our neck. The next time we woke up was when the birds were singing. The furnace was on, but it was still chilly inside of our place.

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