Stadium air conditioner tech

My brother works at the football stadium downtown. He is an assistant trainer, and he works with the whole football team. When my brother has extra tickets, he always takes me to the games. We have a great time on Sundays, and neither one of our wives are bothered by our love of football. Last Sunday, the team had a home game. An hour before the game started, the locker room air conditioner stopped working. The crew was already on the field, and they didn’t have anyone to fix the air conditioner. My brother had me on speed dial, and I was already sitting in the stands. He called me to come down below and look at the air conditioner. I couldn’t believe my luck, and I headed straight for the doors. When I hit the security gate, they asked for my name and waved me right through. I saw all of the famous players, and some of them even took my hand. I was led to a room where the air conditioner is located. I worked on the air conditioner for 30 minutes, and I figured out the problem quickly. Once I rewired to of the circuits, the air conditioner was working again. I fixed the problem and the team was really happy. A few days later, I received a call from the Stadium management team. They wanted to offer me a job on staff, and the position was offering salary plus benefits. The day I fixed the air-conditioner, I felt like a man among Gods. If I get a job working in the stadium full time, it might just go to my head.

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