Sometimes you need help

I don’t know how people get by without at least one handy person in the family. My brother is the fix it king. The guy can fix anything with his tool set. He does electrical, plumbing and HVAC concerns. If we did not have him and his particular set of skills, my whole family would be bankrupt. Time and time again my brother gets called to look at something. I recently had him over to my house because my furnace was making a terrible noise. It kept grinding and rattling all throughout the night. Most people would have to call a HVAC contractor for this. You would pay them by the hour and for any parts they would need. My brother simply brought his tools and a six pack of beer for the job. It took him about one hour to find the issue. A part in my furnace was not tightened properly. He simply took his wrench and tighten the loose piece on it. Now the heating system is silent and works just great. For that quick job I fed him dinner. It was no issue for him and for me. I can’t imagine being someone that had to deal with making the HVAC appointment, paying for it and waiting around for the heater repair. That must be a pain in the butt. I bet people leave the heaters in terrible states just because they don’t want to do the work associated with it. So someone in every family needs to dedicate themselves to fixing things around the house. It comes up time and time again.

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