Room air conditioner at the hotel works wonders

Living on the road is never easy.

It takes careful planning, thorough knowledge of the destination, and a ton of patience to make it work! Even then, there’s things that are simply out of your control, like the heating and air conditioning system of the place in which your staying.

For me, it seems to be the luck of the draw that determines how nice the HVAC system is wherever I stay while out of town. Since my employer sends me around the state on sales and business trips, I often get to stay in lavish hotels and resorts to entertain potential clients. However, even a fancy hotel can have poor heating and air conditioning in the rooms! That’s of course not always the case though. My last trip out of town, I was put up in a hotel that was situated about a quarter mile from the beach. The room air conditioner in my hotel room was superb! I couldn’t believe how effective it was at cooling down the entire room, and how quickly it worked at that. I was equally amazed to see how fast it could heat the room, too – all with the press of a button on the room air conditioner’s thermostat. I’ve stayed in five-star hotels that had terrible heating and air conditioning, but I’ve also stayed in “bad” hotels that had absolutely incredible HVAC systems in even the crummiest of rooms. Like I said – it’s all in the luck of the draw!

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