Retiring from my career early

When I first got myself into the HVAC industry about 7 years ago I thought that this would be something that I did until I was well into my sixties and retired. For those seven years I really enjoyed working with the people who I was able to work with, and was lucky enough to become good friends with many of the customers that I had served over the years. however unfortunately after an accident that took place while I was working I am going to have to retire from the HVAC business due to injury. It was just another Monday morning and I was busy working away at a broken down air conditioning unit in a client’s home. due to a set of extremely odd circumstances I ended up losing my balance while I was on the second floor and took a tumble all the way down the stairs along with all of my HVAC gear. This tumble ended up leaving me with several broken bones and muscle tears, and it was so bad that the doctors were surprised that I was even able to walk after surgery. For the past few months I have been in rehab and I am slowly feeling like my old self. Despite the fact that I will no longer be able to work in the HVAC industry I still love it with all my heart, and I don’t regret even for a second having entered into this business at a young age. Now it is time to find something else that I am passionate about and try to move on!


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