I'm ready to start getting fit

I’ve been wanting to get back into working out but I’m scared. A few years ago I joined a gym and signed up for a personal trainer. Unfortunately, the personal trainer pushed me a little too hard and I ended up ripping the ligament in my hip. It took me a long time to recover from that. All of that down time did not do anything to help with my weight either. Now that I’ve recovered, I want to start working out again but I don’t want to get hurt. A friend told me about certified gyms and certified fitness experts. Apparently this certification comes after they take some classes. I’m really not sure how much I trust a simple piece of paper like that. However, it does offer me a little bit of peace of mind. I decided to find a certified gym who employs certified fitness experts. It turns out that there is a certified gym really close to my house. I decided to pop in and talk to them in person. I explained my situation and my fears of re-injuring myself and the customer service representative at the front desk was very understanding. She explained that their certified fitness experts would definitely be able to help me get back into shape without injuring myself. In fact, while I was talking to the customer service lady, another gym worker was standing nearby. I thought he was just another customer service representative but it turns out that he is one of these certified fitness experts. He told me he’d be more than happy to work with me and promised me that I would not hurt myself in any way. I really like this guy and I feel like we could work well together.


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CrossFit is not just for younger people

I was really surprised when I found out that my coworker, Dan, participates in CrossFit.

I’ve noticed him getting more and more fit over the past few months.

Finally I asked what his secret is. He explained that he got a gym membership and that he has started CrossFit. Dan is not a young man. He’s at least 10 years older than me and I always thought of CrossFit as something aimed at people under 30 years old. I didn’t see it as an older man’s fitness plan at all. I didn’t say it quite that way, but I did ask Dan how he keeps up with the CrossFit challenges. He must have gotten my meaning because he explained that CrossFit is for people of all ages and fitness levels. He said that there is an 80 year old woman in his CrossFit class with a bad knee. They adapt some of the challenges for her but she keeps up with the rest of the class. I was also surprised to learn that CrossFit focuses a lot on your eating habits as well. Like many diet plans, the CrossFit diet cuts out carbs and sugars. It focuses on small, healthy meals. The workouts change from day-to-day too. That’s the whole idea of CrossFit: to get fit in every way. It doesn’t just focus on specific muscle groups or specific health issues. Now I’m interested. Thankfully, Dan told me how to sign up. He said that his gym offers a free trial day and that he has a CrossFit session on Thursday. I think I might join him and see if I like it. If so, maybe I’ll pay for that gym membership and start participating in CrossFit myself.


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I'm going to try to start working out

However, I was happy that nobody gave me any weird looks and I was also happy that my membership came with a free personal training session

My daughter joined the gym recently and she asked if I might like to join the same gym so we could work out together. This came out of nowhere. My daughter has been living on her own for the past three years. We still talk a lot but, even though she only lives about an hour away, I only see her once a month. I also am not the type who generally works out. For me, raking the garden is enough of a workout. However, I decided to go ahead and take my daughter up on her offer. I’d like to spend more time with her and I feel the only way to do that is for me to become interested in her activities. I signed up for the gym and then met my daughter the very next Wednesday to begin working out. I think I looked kind of funny in my old t-shirt and button-down shorts. I felt really out of place as soon as I walked through the doors of the gym. Everyone else was wearing yoga pants or basketball shorts. I thought to myself that everyone else looks like they belong in the gym. I clearly did not. However, I was happy that nobody gave me any weird looks and I was also happy that my membership came with a free personal training session. My daughter followed us around while the personal trainer showed me how to use all of the gym equipment. She had already had this training session about a month ago.The the personal trainer was very supportive and so was my daughter. I actually ended up having a lot of fun and I’m definitely going to be coming back on Friday to work out with my daughter again.



Disabled people use the gym too

As a disabled adult, I’m used to getting a lot of weird looks when I roll into the gym in my wheelchair. I’m sure you’ve seen people in wheelchairs who are super ripped in their upper body. You know the ones I mean? The people that race in their wheelchairs. I don’t look like that at all. My arms aren’t ripped and I definitely don’t do any wheelchair racing. However, I do go to the gym. I started about 10 years ago and had my personal trainer take me very slowly through all of the equipment that I would be able to use. My body doesn’t work the same way as yours. I don’t build a lot of muscle no matter how much I work out. However, working out is imperative for me. Probably even more than it is for you. If I don’t work out, I lose muscle mass very quickly. An illness a few years back, made me so weak that I had to use an electric wheelchair. I’m very proud of the fact that I can now push myself around again and I’d like to be able to keep it that way. I’ve kept the same personal trainer for the whole 10 years. She is great. She’s always pushing me to go a little bit further; to the very borders of what I am capable of. I’m even getting a little bit of strength back in my legs thanks to my workout routine. So no, it’s not strange to see a person in a wheelchair in the gym. In fact, I’m at this gym at least five days a week.



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Semi-private Fitness training is what I’m looking for

I’m definitely a little bit more than just a little bit overweight.

In the past 10 years, I put on about 15 pounds every year.

This would be fine if I was a growing child, but I am a 40 year old man. I’ve been really wanting to get back into shape but I don’t know where to start. My wife joined a gym a few years ago and she looks great. But let’s admit it, she looked great before she started going to the gym. If I’m honest, I’m embarrassed to go to the gym and workout around all of those fit people. I was looking into getting a personal trainer but we really don’t have the budget for that. Then my wife told me about semi-private fitness training. It’s like having a personal trainer but it costs a lot less. That’s because the trainer works with four to five people at a time. I decided to go ahead and give this a try. Yes, I would still have to go to the gym, but if I’m working with a fitness trainer, I wouldn’t feel as intimidated by the other gym attendees. I picked out a time slot that would work for me and then I showed up at our local gym. I have to say, it took a lot of willpower to get out of the car and walk through the lobby. Thankfully, the semi-private fitness trainer was the first person I saw when I walked through the door. He welcomed me in and we got started as soon as my other two classmates arrived. I have to say, it was a great workout. I didn’t feel any judgment from the other people at the gym or from my trainer. In fact, everybody was very supportive.


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The secret to staying fit is having a good personal trainer

I follow a lot of influencers and celebrities on social media.

Many of them advertise for different weight loss products but I know their real secret: they have personal trainers.

Personal trainers are able to set up nutritional programs and workout schedules. That’s why these people look so amazing. And, let’s admit it, they also use a little bit of photo editing software before posting their pictures. That’s especially true for the influencers. Celebrities can’t get away with it quite so well because they’re on screen a lot. So they are more prone to using personal trainers. I’d really like to get in shape but I didn’t think that I could afford a personal trainer. After all, I don’t make a celebrity’s salary. However, after checking out my local gym, I found out that they offer personal trainers at a very reasonable price. No, the personal trainer doesn’t literally live in my house and follow me around everywhere, like the celebrities personal trainers do. The personal trainer that are in my budget pretty much just sets up a nutritional plan for me to follow as well as a workout plan. Then they check in with me at least twice a week during the workout sessions. It seems that the plans can be changed and altered, depending on my needs. Mostly, I want a personal trainer because they will hold me accountable. I think I need that accountability in order to lose the weight and get in shape. That, and knowing that I’m paying for this, might just get me the motivation I need.


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Enough with the HVAC whining

It feels as though my entire house has turned into a bunch of overly complaining and whiny individuals.

This includes my dog who recently turned her nose up at her food. I just can’t get over how much complaining gets done around here. The facts are pretty simple. We live a very fortunate and abundant life. Not everyone has that sort of good luck. That’s why it’s so hard for me to deal with how complacent and privileged my household has become. It finally hit a red line with me over the HVAC. My wife has been wanting me to convert the HVAC system over to a zone control system. But, she wants it done in a way that the HVAC professionals say just won’t work. Then, my kids are complaining that the house is too hot. I look at the HVAC setting and indeed, the temperature is nearly 15 degrees above the setting. About to call the HVAC people, I look up to see both sliding glass doors wide open. And, it was 97 degrees outside. That was it for me. I just lost it. Instead of the zone control being installed, I had the HVAC people put in a smart thermostat. I set some basic parameters on the thermostat and let it do its thing from there. There will not be an opportunity for anyone to manually access the HVAC except me. And, I will be locking the sliding doors with a padlock until my family can learn to open and close them properly.


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Acceptance happens through HVAC solution

Normally, big changes bring a large amount of anxiety to somebody like me.

Structure and routine have always been elemental for me to get through life.

The idea that I have some idea of what is coming and how I will deal with it is such a valuable thing for me. But, I can’t say that it has always been that way. My early adult years were more about seeking a good time and some adventure than it was being strategic about life. Once the good times were traded in for a real career, the structure and routine hit. Not being able to relax inside my own house in the HVAC each night would be tough to handle. That is how keen I am on routine. Well, there’s nothing like a giant life changing event to shatter that sense of structure. I have worked a long time to get the nice corporate office with the perfect HVAC comfort. It was well worth the climb. But, all that ended in a matter of hours just recently. My company decided they were shifting to a new management model so I was out the door. There was my severance package and a hardy handshake for all the years and sacrifice. It blew my mine especially since I was in my early 50’s and still had a long time to work. But, I landed on my feet. I called the HVAC people and had them install a ductless mini split HVAC in my study. That has become my new place of business as I get on with getting on.

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Hello HVAC heat pump

Well, that was the last winter I will have to experience that includes bitter cold, snow and ice.

You would think that having grown up in the north, I would have acclimated to winter. But, I honestly never did. I have hated the winter and having to stay inside the HVAC for as long as I can remember. Sure, the snow is pretty and I did enjoy some of the outside stuff like sledding. Yet, they all came with the biting cold and the soaring heating costs. I still wonder why it took me this long to get out of there. Mostly, I think it was family. Plus, my job was in that area. Thanks to an expansion, the company started an office in the southern region. I jumped at the chance to get down here. I love it. There is no more furnace to deal with in the winter. Our winters are more than comfortable with the heat pump. I had never used a heat pump and was skeptical at first. I’m here to tell you, the heat pump is an amazing HVAC system. It’s so versatile and reliable. The thing just keeps running and making our home comfortable. The winter here is mild but we’re not south enough that we don’t still get cold snaps. But, the heat pump does a great job. And the heat is really cozy heat. It takes no time to knock the chill out of the air. My only regret is that I didn’t move down here after college. I won’t miss all that severe winter mess at all.


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Get rid of ugly air with whole house air purifier

I work too hard and sacrifice too much to walk in the door and get met with a wave of indoor air odor.

It is simply awful.

My wife and kids say they just get used to it. That just doesn’t seem like a viable answer really. It gets worse once the HVAC is on. That’s because I sealed the house really tight in order to keep the HVAC treated air inside our home. The results were great as far as saving money goes. But the tradeoff is recycled air that never smells fresh or even close to it. The odors are some funky combination of pets, lingering cooking smells and super stale air. I hate it. My wife had attempted just about everything in order to find something to cover the smell. However, those remedies are fleeting and don’t clean the air. It dawned on me that perhaps trying to mask a smell with another smell was simply not the way to approach the problem. I wanted to eliminate the odor from the air. I ended up calling the HVAC people to see what they had to offer. Well, they had the solution and it was the whole house air purifier. It was a bit more expensive than I had in mind. But I was so sick of the air quality in my home. The installation of the whole house air purifier took no time at all. Once it was on, it seemed like I could tell a difference within an hour. We went out for some shopping and a meal. When we returned the air smelled good. By the next day, the air was so fresh that I could hardly believe it.

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