Cooling system has a funky odor

For a long time my air conditioner had a weird smell associated with it.

Anytime I ran the cooling device, the smell would drift around the home.

At first I thought it was an old refrigerant and then replaced that. Then I wondered if the air filter was dirty, so I cleaned it. Nope, the air conditioner still had kind of a funky wet smell. After weeks of it bothering me I decided to open up the air conditioner. I cleaned all of the inside with bleach to get rid of the odor. When I got to the condensate drain I realized the problem. My drain was totally clogged up with algae. Since it was clogged, dirty water was leaking everywhere and forming mold inside the cooling machine. I had to remove that gross algae and clean up the drain. I then wiped down my cooing device and got rid of all the mold that had formed. Now that it is clean and fresh, there is no smell with my air conditioner device. It just runs and provides great cooling. I am thinking that the smell will come back though. Air conditioners are naturally moist machines. I am thinking all that water and coolant are going to build up mold, algae and mildew again. Then my house will smell once more and I will need to take it apart. Perhaps that is why people get yearly cooling tune ups. They don’t have to remove the filth by hand or worry about smells for very long. I’m not willing to put that kind of cash out for it though.


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My hair gets into the HVAC

For years I have wanted to have long hair.

I have grown and taken care of my hair to get to this point.

My boyfriend loves my long hair and tells me how pretty it is constantly. I kind of want to shave my head now. Having long hair is just horrible. I have to clean my bathroom drains all the time. I need to sweep the floors at least once a week. There are loose hairs in my clothes constantly. I need to wear a hat when I make food or my hair gets into it. The shedding is the biggest problem with having long hair. Things I never have thought about are affected. My HVAC system has an air filter that I used to change once a month. With my long hair I need to clean it out every two weeks. That much hair is getting into the HVAC. I also have an HVAC contractor come in every 4 months to clean the device. He takes it all apart and gets the hair deep inside the system. If I ran the HVAC with my hair in it, it could overheat and wear down major parts. I also get ductwork cleaning once a year due to my air. The HVAC sucks up the hair and either keeps it, or blows it into the ductwork. When I start smelling burnt hair in the winter, I know it is time for the HVAC ducts to get cleaned. It is expensive, time consuming and annoying always picking up after my hair. Really need to shave my head.

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Radiant heat all throughout the bathroom

I have been thinking about getting heated flooring for my bathroom.

  • I am just not sure how far the heated flooring can go.

Can I have radiant heat in the shower? I have all tile flooring in the bathroom and that works great with radiant heat. I would not be opposed to ripping up the shower bottom and putting the hydronic heating system right there. I would put piping all throughout the flooring and connect it to my boiler system. The hot water from the boiler would flow through the pipes to create heating. I want to step out of the shower to quality heating. But, I am greedy and would like it in the shower. I would not need as hot of a shower if my feet were heated. I also really enjoy baths. The bath water gets cold after a while though. If I was sitting on radiant heat, the water would feel much warmer since my body would essentially be on a heated pad. I don’t know if this is possible or if people have done it. It makes sense to me though. Aslo the heating system uses water. So it can’t be potentially harmful to the system if my shower had a crack in it. It is not like I am going to get electrocuted or rust my heater device. I will have to call my local HVAC business to talk with a contractor. I want to know my radiant heater bathroom options. I want to be able to experience radiant heating all the time.

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Get your furnace maintenance done sooner rather than later

They said I was lucky that they could squeeze me in for the following Monday afternoon

I can’t believe I had forgotten for so long! Here it was, the day after Thanksgiving, and I finally realized I had not yet gotten maintenance done on my furnace! The days were cool and crisp and the evenings were chillier still. Just the previous night, it had dipped below freezing! That is what made me realize it was high time to make sure my furnace was prepared for the winter! You see, usually I have my furnace checked out and ready to go in September. Yeah, summer may still be hanging on in the first couple weeks of September sometimes, but it’s still a really good idea to get your furnace checked out that early. That way, you get an appointment immediately and you don’t have to wait, because not too many people are being proactive about winter and maintenancing their heater unit. I called up my HVAC people Friday, and even they said they were surprised it had taken so long for them to hear from me. They said I was lucky that they could squeeze me in for the following Monday afternoon. They had been booked for the entire week were it not for one person that decided to cancel on Monday. I had called just in time to get that slot for myself! I guess that just reinforces the idea that it’s better to get your furnace checked out sooner rather than later. Now we’re in the first week of December and we’ve already seen snow! Thankfully, my furnace has gone through its check list of problems and everything has been tweaked and adjusted so that it is ready for the winter!

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A hard freeze in the Deep South

You don’t typically need your heating unit all that often in the south.

The last time we had snow where I live was 1989.

It wasn’t all that much snow compared to many other cities of the country that see snow as a regular occurrence. However, because none of the locals in the town knew how to drive in the snow, everything was pretty much shut down! I guess what I am saying is that when it gets really cold in the winter, it is pretty much an event around here. I am one of those people that has still insisted on having heating system maintenance done faithfully before the winter season. Over the past few days and nights, it has paid off in dividends! Last night we had a hard freeze where the temperature went down to 27 degrees! That’s practically unheard of around here. I am so glad that my heating unit was up to the task of keeping my family warm during such an unusually cold night. I remember going to bed around midnight. Just before I turned my lamp off, I pressed my hand against the window sill to feel the cold outside. I decided to venture outside for a moment just to feel that unusual chill. I lingered for a minute or so just appreciating how unusually cold it was for the Deep South! Then I walked back into my house and closed the door. That satisfyingly warm feeling that surrounded me when I returned to my home made the bill for the heater maintenance totally worth it!
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Contractor tries to haggle on the agreed price

I’ve been working at the same apartment building for the past 15 years.

I started out as a part-time leasing consultant.

I was great with the customers and it didn’t take long before the part-time job was full-time. After a year with the company, I received a promotion to the head of Leasing. The job came with a significant raise and a retirement plan with full medical, dental, and vision benefits. I stayed in that position for several years, until the apartment community manager retired. The owner of the company came to me with an offer, and I accepted the management position. I have been working as the manager since that day. I moved on to the property, because I get a free apartment as the manager. Between the perks and my salary, I’m almost making six figures every year. It’s a great job for this area, especially considering the average median salary for a family of four is less than my salary. Sometimes the job can be very stressful, especially when it’s time to pay bills. All of my vendors, like carpet cleaners, housekeepers, and painters expect to be paid on time. They send me a bill and then we have 30 days to pay the fees. A few months ago, I received a bill from the HVAC contractor. They installed a new HVAC system in the main office. When I spoke to the HVAC contractor, we agreed on a specific price. I had to get approval from the main office to complete the work. When the HVAC contractor sent me a bill, it was much higher than our agreed price. We spent 90 days arguing about the price. In the end, the HVAC contractor decided to honor our proposed agreement.

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Tent camping is much better with indoor air conditioning

Did you know that you can take a portable air conditioner camping? My girlfriend and I found out that it works very well. We made plans to go camping during the summer for two whole weeks. We didn’t expect the temperatures to be so hot and humid, and the forecast was scary. Even the nighttime temperatures were predicted to be in the 80 degree range. My girlfriend and I started to get anxious about our camping trip. We read some camping blogs to ease our mind. One of the blogs suggested that a portable air conditioner would work well during the summer heat. My girlfriend and I thought the idea was ridiculous, until we performed some extensive research. We found out that there are some portable air conditioners that are custom made for your tent. These machines are very expensive, so we decided to look for a general use portable air conditioner. My girlfriend found one on Amazon for less than $200, and we decided to buy it. It arrived a week before our camping trip. We tested it out in the living room, so we could be sure that it worked well. This machine made camping so much more luxurious. The portable air conditioner has a reservoir for the condensation, so we didn’t have to worry about a messy tent. We set the digital thermostat to 75° and our tent was cool and comfortable all day and night. I think it made the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. My friends were jealous and vowed to buy a portable air conditioner before the next camping excursion.



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Renting a hotel for the whole weekend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven months.

  • We met online on a dating app, but we actually live very close to each other.

We went to the same elementary school for a few years, too. Later in our school years, we were sent to different high schools. We never had a chance to meet. When we found each other online, we were immediately attracted. We started dating a few weeks later, and now we have been going steady for seven months. Last month, my boyfriend surprised me with a weekend away at the beach. I was really excited, especially when he showed me our weekend rental.. It was a small cottage on the beach, and we had access to the water from our private deck. He even rented two jet skis so we could cruise around on the bay, ocean front, or lake. The best feature about the beach cottage was the mini split ductless HVAC unit. I tend to be warm all the time, and I rarely go anywhere without air conditioning. When my boyfriend told me about the mini split ductless HVAC unit, I was in heaven. I knew we wouldn’t have to worry about the indoor climate or weather. I bought some new outfits for the trip, and my boyfriend loved all my new skirts, dresses, and tops. We spent all day on the water. At night, we sat by the mini split HVAC unit and we listened to the waves crashing outside. It was one of the best vacations of my life, and I look forward to more adventures with my honey.

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Fighting over the thermostat is a silly argument

My twin sister and I have spent our whole life living together.

When we went to college, we rented a small apartment together.

We had two additional roommates, and it was a great way to save money and spend less. In the beginning, it as difficult to live with other people. My sister and I were used to each other’s quirks and weird issues. I knew my sister only liked to shower in the morning, and I tried to keep the shower free for her. I don’t like dirty dishes left in the sink, so we always had a clean kitchen. When we lived with roommates, it was an entirely different story. We had to adapt to two other people’s needs. One thing that we always argued about was the thermostat settings. Since my sister and I were responsible for paying the electric bill, we tried to keep the thermostat set to a reasonable temperature. I preferred the indoor temperatures stay at 72 degrees, which seemed reasonable. Belinda and Sarah always adjusted the thermostat when no one was home. I would come home after school, and the entire apartment felt like an igloo. It was clear that the thermostat was being abused. One time, we tried to talk to our roommates about the thermostat settings. They became irate and threatened to move out of the apartment. My sister and I didn’t want to break the lease and we couldn’t afford to live their alone. We had no choice but to deal with the cold indoor climate conditions and high electric bill. The following year we decided to live in the dorms.

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Can I install my own ductless unit and will it look right?

Many people don’t give a lot of thought to the aesthetics of an HVAC system. They look at the type of HVAC system they think they want until they start narrowing things down. Too many people decide on a ductless HVAC system just to realize they don’t like they way they look in their homes. The ductless HVAC hangs on the wall and it cannot be masked. It comes in white or beige and there is no covering it up or making it look fancy. Although most people say that after awhile they get used to seeing the air handler hanging around, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stick out for all to see. This is a consideration people must make when they want to purchase a ductless HVAC system. Another thing people need to take into consideration when choosing a ductless HVAC system is the installation. It can take a professional, from three to seven hours to install the ductless compressor and air handler, depending on your construction. If you are using a multi-room ductless HVAC system, it can take up to a week to complete the installation. Most people should not undertake installation of the ductless HVAC system on their own. If you want to make sure it is done properly and safely, it is always best to go to a professional when having a ductless HVAC system installed. My son is a HVAC technician and he has given us so many answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet. He has stressed these points of view quite strongly.
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