No AC, no more school

My college life consisted of six weeks of intensive learning.  There were twenty-five adult students; all looking to get a class course during the summer.  We were all getting refreshers courses in public speaking and business law because we were competing for a job.  Whoever got the best grade was the one who got the job. We ended up living in the dorm rooms while we were there and all of a sudden, we were college students.  We were those crazy wide-eyed students that had never been away from home before. My parents were watching my kids, and was free for a couple weeks. The one weekend it was so hot that we couldn’t breathe and the humidity was really high.  They had tornado watches up all over, and no one was allowed to leave the campus. I called my kids and they seemed content to be with grammy and pop. As I hung up, the lights went out, and so did the HVAC. We lost our air conditioning and the air was hot and stifling.  We were all led down to the storm shelter. The air conditioning wasn’t working here either and all we could do was sit in the hot, humid air and listen to the campus shaking. One of the women began to sing an old Partridge song and soon everyone was singing. It was getting hotter without any AC, but we were laughing and singing as the storm raged on.  Soon, the lighting came on and we could hear the AC droning. There were broken buildings all around but we were safe, and now we were cool, out of that room. I called my babies and said I was coming home.

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