My dorm room has its own air conditioner in the desert

I am from the far North, where furnaces and wood-stoves are a way of life.

You hardly ever needed air conditioner because it tended to be very cool outside.

Even during the summer, the air conditioner was convenient, but not necessary. However, when I decided to go to college, I attended a college in the southern part of the West Coast. I was literally in the middle of a desert. It was always hot, and furnaces were nothing compared to the power of the sun. I was very thankful to find that my dorm room had its own air conditioner. It was the same kind of air conditioner that hotel rooms typically had, and it worked well. I soon discovered that desert heat is not the same as northern heat. The humidity is what makes the difference. The heat of the area that I was in was constantly dry, making the heat tolerable. The only difference was that my lips and skin were constantly chapping no matter what day or month it was. The air conditioner didn’t help either! I tried boiling water to add some humidity to the air, but eventually, I just decided to purchase a humidifier for my dorm room. We split the cost, and we also enjoyed the comfort together. In the winter, I was very surprised to learn that you still needed a furnace for the dorm room. Though it wasn’t as cold as where I grew up, when you became accustomed to the heat, even a mild cold will feel freezing. I can’t wait to go back home where the climate and temperature are something that I am used to.