Just relying on a/c

It is so crazy how time passes on in life! One day, you are a small child having fun, playing with your friends plus all, then, the next day, you are a grown person out there in the extreme real world plus getting old.

I have a lot of fond memories of our childhood, and it all seems as if it was just a month or two ago. One very fond memory that comes to mind is of the local barber shop, however when I used to go there as a little kid, I can recall the charming air conditioner on a boiling Summer day. That barber shop had a single of the greatest air conditioner units of the time. It was all the way back in the early 1960’s, so heating plus cooling technology wasn’t what it is today. With that being said, getting the kind of very crisp plus refreshing air conditioner from a large window air conditioner component in those days was something hard to accomplish. The local barber shop was able to pull it off! I knew the guy that owned the arena extremely well, and his name was Alex. Alex was a handsome person, and not to mention his kid was one of the heating and air conditioner specialists at the local HVAC dealer. Because of his son, this is most likely why he had such charming air conditioner in the first place. I have never seen a window air conditioner component that large or that powerful in our life! If you wanna talk about nice weather conditions control, they had it without a doubt! I find myself missing those days as a young kid.

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