It was freezing during the night

When I went camping with a group of friends last weekend, we had a pretty nice time. I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to go at first because I was never a big camping type of person. Well, everybody convinced me I would have a great time. When I said I didn’t have a tent or a sleeping bag, my buddy said he had a few spares that I could use. So we all went out to this really nice area. I was quite impressed because I never typically see the beauty of nature to the fullest like this. There was even a river we all went tubing on, and it was a great time! In the evenings though, I realized it got rather nippy in a hurry. We were able to remedy this problem by making a fire and sticking around it to remain warm. When I went to my tent though, I was absolutely freezing, even when I was in my sleeping bag. That first night was a challenge for me. When I told my buddy about me nearly freezing to death, he said he had a portable heater in his tent. I was totally shocked that he actually had a heating device in his tent. He said there was room in his tent if I wanted to join him for the rest of the nights so I wouldn’t be too cold. I definitely took him up on the offer. I was really impressed by that little heater device. I figured if I was going to go camping again in the future, I would have to invest in one of these litter heaters so that I would be nice and cozy. I actually asked if they had portable A/C devices for when it was too hot, and he said he had one of those too!

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