Is it important to have space heaters?

I grew up in a northern part of the country. It is only warm here for about three months out of the year and after that it is back to freezing cold temperatures. During the summer months, you won’t find anyone inside because we want to soak up all the warm weather we can because winter will be here faster than we know it. I really don’t love the winter weather, but after all these years I have gotten used to it. I have to make sure that my heating system is always working properly because if the cold weather comes and we don’t have a heating system we are out of luck. One year, our heating system gave out in the middle of the biggest snow storm our town had ever seen. There were about eight inches of snow on the ground and we didn’t have a heating system to keep us warm. Thankfully, we did have a fireplace but we didn’t have enough wood to last very long. After this snow storm, I called the local HVAC company to see what they would recommend we do to prevent this from happening again. They said since we get regular maintenance on our heating system, the only thing to do is to get space heaters. I hadn’t even thought of space heaters! That would be a great way to heat the house if our heating system ever went out again. Right after that phone call I went out and bought a couple of space heaters to have just in case.

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