If it wasn’t for my HVAC technician I don’t know what I would do

My wife just had a baby the other day and if it wasn’t for my HVAC technician I don’t know what I would do.

We were coming home from the hospital and I noticed that my smart thermostat isn’t turning on.

When we got home I went over to the AC system and saw that it also wasn’t turning on. Prior to this I had never had any problems with my AC unit and I had no clue at all how to fix anything HVAC related. It was the middle of the summer so my wife really needed to have AC. I called the nearest HVAC technician and explained the problem I was having with my air conditioner. The HVAC technician said that he didn’t have the time until a few weeks away, apparently a lot of people were dealing with broken HVAC systems. I then decided to call my regular HVAC technician, even though I knew he was about 30 minutes away. Right after the call my HVAC technician canceled another HVAC appointment and hopped in his truck on his way to me. I ended up installing an entirely new HVAC unit because I didn’t want to risk anything. I was so happy that my HVAC technician was helpful and my wife only had to go about a day without AC! I left my HVAC technician a huge tip and I have now recommended him to several of my friends that need HVAC and he has gotten a ton of new business. It really pays to have a good HVAC technician that is there when you need him.

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