I would not go separate from the air conditioner.

I remember those seasoned advertisements where they were regularly asking people what you would do for a Klondike bar.

I’m sure you remember them too, however if not, let myself and others tell you.

People would offer to do all kinds of absurd things for one of those ice cream bars. My sister said she would give up her kid, when her child happened to be throwing a hissy fit when someone asked him. She said if her child was in a great mood, she wouldn’t trade him for anything. I had to laugh at that because BJ was a horror when she was weary. One of the other ladies said she would give up her air conditioner. I thought this was a bit bizarre. Ice cream may make you cool for a couple hours, however once it melted, it was just moderate cream. Why would anyone say they would give up their air conditioner. I believe how sizzling it can be while I was in the summer. I wouldn’t give up our air conditioner, not even for a Klondike bar. I may give it up if our kids were threatened, however for ice cream? I thought this lady had to be crazy. After the woman who was asking the absurd question walk away, she said she would have gladly given up her air conditioner. Her air conditioner had broken about a week earlier and she still hadn’t found anyone come out to repair it. Without even looking at her AC unit, one woman told her that she would really need to have it substituted. She didn’t have the money for a current unit, so she said if someone wanted to take the AC and give her a Klondike bar, she would say thank you.