I was working with the installation company

Every time I visit my old childhood home down south I am reminded of my sweltering summers. It is an amazing 3 story Victorian style home older than my parents. Mostly everything is outdated and in need of some serious repair. ¬†My favorite memories of the house involve the community around it. There were tons of other families and kids for my brothers and I to hang out with. I can remember in the summer always waiting for the ice-cream man to come around the corner and provide us some relief from the heat. Our cooling system was broken most summers, due to my mother always forgetting to call the HVAC technician to have our air conditioner repaired. The summers were great other than the lack of air conditioning. At least we had nature’s cooling system, the lake by our house. The lake by our house was a beautiful place to fish and go swimming. The winter on the other hand was not so bad without the HVAC system working, we never had many cold days and didn’t miss the heating system too much. Whenever I visit my mother in the summer I give her a hard time about repairing her air conditioner and furnace, I tell her she needs to call any HVAC provider around and get them to install a new air conditioner and furnace. I would love to move back to the house, the first thing I would do is call the HVAC provider myself and get the air conditioning and heating system up and running! I’m sure I could find hundreds of HVAC repair companies. I might even start my own HVAC repair and installation company, I remember all of my neighbors complaining about heating and cooling issues because of their furnaces and air conditioners.

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