I was very okay with that

I recently made an unusual health discovery. First off, the air quality in the neighborhood I live in is not very good. Almost everyone has to have an air purification system of some sort in their happy homes in order to even breath clean air. I never invested in any kind of air purification system until a few months ago. This is when I realised that bad air quality gave me stomach flu like symptoms! It was kind of like allergies, but it affected my stomach! Ever since I got the whole home air purification system, I have had no more issues with my stomach flu symptoms that usually popped up at the beginning of the summer time months every single year! That is the time of year where the air quality is the worst! So, with my brand new and very up to date air purification system that flows through my whole home, this problem has stopped. My heating and air conditioning system also works a lot better now too, because when I got my whole home air purification system, I ended up having my ductwork and air ducts cleaned out too. I even had some areas of the ductwork have ductwork sealing done. This, in addition to having the whole home air purification system has made my life, my air quality, as well as my piece of mind way better! My central heating as well as air conditioning system runs with the air purification system via the thermostat on the wall. It is a really neat set up all around!