I recently won tickets

I had a date I had been looking forward to with this girl from work that I met on an online dating site, we already had went out on a few dates in the past to have dinner in addition to to the films, but this time, I was taking the step to invite the girl I had been wanting to ask out over to my place for dinner. I have been working as a chef in a local steak house. Due to this set of skills, I can cook a meal pretty much better than any chef can. I figured this would be a great treat for her, in addition to to show her how much I particularly love her. When she arrived, this is when things began to go wrong, then and when I say things went wrong, I do not mean with the two of us. My heating and AC unit broke down on me! It was legitimately sizzling outside, in addition to the temperature was in the upper 90’s. My central heating in addition to A/C method had not given me any concerns in over a year. Why did it have to break down on me out of all the time to break down? Because of this bad stroke of luck, I had to take her out to dinner instead. However, before I left to take her out, I called my local heating in addition to A/C service provider. I did not think they were going to be able to send someone out right away. This was well after hours. But, the heating in addition to A/C company did have an opening for the next day. I set up the heating and cooling appointment in addition to me in addition to my girl were off to dinner. I did end up staying at her apartment that very night.