I programmed the thermostat

When our sibling’s small company took off, she needed some help looking for an new office space, however i agreed to help her look, because I had some trip time saved, however the two of us searched all over town, but everything was too extravagant or too small; My sibling honestly wanted to find an office space in a giant building, but everything was unaffordable! When we found something in her price range, it was too far on the outskirts of town.

When our sibling found a cheap place on Craigslist, we went to look at it, then everything seemed to be in tip-top shape, and the office was large enough for our sibling to grow. My sibling and I asked about the rental price, and it was certainly affordable and well in her price range. While our sibling signed the lease papers, I could not help but guess something was wrong, she was getting a fantastic deal, and we were still close to the city. Tuesday day, our sibling and I packed all of her things into a U-Haul and moved them to the new office; As soon as we walked in the door, I adjusted the temperature control. It was already stuffy and humid in the office, and I knew the air conditioner would help, then unfortunately, nothing happened when I adjusted the temperature control. I expected the air conditioner to come on, but nothing occurred. I checked to make sure that the cooling function was selected, and it was. When our sibling contacted the building owner he told her that the office did not come equipped with central heat or air-conditioning, however now what are we going to do with no central cooling system and a 12 month lease?

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