I need to clean the air vents

Unfortunately, I feel that there’s something wrong with our car’s oil furnace. I am no mechanic, by any means, however I can legitimately tell when something is wrong with the car’s heating and cooling system. I might not be able to diagnose and engine issue or an issue with the exhaust system in a car, however I truly know if something is wrong with the factory installed oil furnace or with the cooling system; Now, my biggest problem is actually getting the oil furnace fixed. I think it’s going to cost myself and others a lot to take it into a mechanic, and the mechanic would actually end up taking off the entire dash and wanting myself and others to pay him to substitute the entire temperature control and heat and air conditioner system in the car. I legitimately want to avoid that if at all possible, because who in the world has money for that kind of repair? Especially when it’s not legitimately a mechanical problem at all. But at any rate, you always need to have a oil furnace in your car. I guess air conditioner is legitimately more of an extravagance however I believe like I need to have an cooling system in our car, too. I guess that I’m legitimately spoiled when it comes to air conditioner all the way around, honestly. I already need to have it in our beach house at all times! At least in the car, I can have a breeze from when the windows are rolled down, however at current home there’s no breeze through the open windows when the wind outside isn’t blowing.

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