I need more help from my husband

I’ve been a stay at home mother for a particularly long time, plus it genuinely kind of annoys me the way my spouse thinks.

He thinks he’s so great because he provides for the family, however he doesn’t entirely do anything other than go to his office job plus come back home.. And when he comes home, he just sits back in his comfy lounge chair plus watches sports or the news. He never does any cleaning around the home, he doesn’t spend enough time with the kids, plus he doesn’t even help them with homework. The kids are certainly afraid to ask him for anything because he never wants to help them with anything. He won’t even bother to change the air filters or call the heating plus A/C business for heating plus A/C plan repair. This all entirely aggravates me because I guess he could at least do things like that. He consistently throws it in my face that he makes all the currency plus he talks about how hard he works. What about how hard it is to take care of the children, to help them out with their elementary school work, plus to prepare all the meals for the family? I may simply be a stay at home mother, although I still do a lot of labor plus I suppose the household would entirely fall apart if I wasn’t there keeping up with everything… I certainly am entirely proud of myself because recently I enrolled in a heating plus A/C repair method so that everything is taken care of with the heating plus A/C plan repair, even my spouse is thrilled because the two of us are saving more currency while getting all our heating plus A/C plan needs covered too. I still suppose he should do more things around the home though.