I have a big appetite

I don’t know about you, but one thing that I can’t stand the smell of is chicken wings. I hate the smell of cooking chicken, and the grease, and the sauce, everything. Just ugh. I think it smells terrible and it just makes me feel sick. Unfortunately for me, my husband is a chicken wing lover. I think he would eat chicken wings four times a week if I would let him, honestly! Right now, though, he makes them at least once a week and the smell makes me gag. I told him that if he insists on making his signature chicken wings every week so he can eat them while he watches football games, then he is going to have to buy me a whole home air purifications system. I read about how whole home air purification systems can help rid odors and terrible smells (like chicken wings!) from the air quality in your home. Having high air quality in my house is very important to me, and I really don’t like having to burn candles in my home all the time. I mean, I do like the smell of candles but I don’t like the fact that if I don’t burn them, the air quality in the house is very poor. If we had a whole home air purification system, we could set it up to run in tandem with our heating and air conditioning system. That way, any time the heating or the central air conditioning unit would run, the whole home air purifier would work to purge the yucky smells from our house – including the dreaded chicken wings!