I had to cough up the big bucks

My husband Ron has decided that he wants to get radiant heated flooring for part of our house. I can’t believe that he has finally said that he wants to get radiant heated floors for us – I have wanted radiant flooring for years and years and he’s always tried to deter me from it. He never even wanted me to get an estimate from the HVAC company on radiant flooring, either. I guess he was afraid that the HVAC technicians would really try to push the idea on me and I would try to buy the heating system whether he wanted it or not! But now, for some reason, Ron has decided that at least in part of our house, we should finally give radiant heated flooring a try. At first we are going to have the HVAC company install it for us in the master bedroom, the master bathroom, and the guest bathroom. I’m of the school of thought that we might as well just get the radiant heated flooring installed all over the entire house while we’re at it. But of course, Ron wants to make sure that he loves it before he coughs up the big bucks to have it installed all over the house. I guess I can kind of understand that, but I hope that the HVAC installation team isn’t too messy and that the construction debris isn’t too terrible. I hate living in a house that’s undergoing any type of renovation, so I dread and anticipate the radiant heated flooring at the same time! I can’t wait to feel the soothing heating system right under my chilly toes in the mornings!

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