I did work on the air ducts

I was recently going through our basement as well as digging out a bunch of old junk from when I was a kid… There was a lot of mildew stink on a lot of the stuff, which I was dealing with quite well, when I was down there I found our old stereo proposal that I got when I was a teenager. It brought back a lot of memories. It did not task anymore, however for sentimental reasons I didn’t want to get rid of it. With all the mildew around me, you would think I would have got pretty sick, and but I didn’t because I have an air purification proposal in our basement. I had the air purification proposal installed particularly for the basement because of all the mold spores down there killing the air quality. This is why I also went as well as was cleaning out the basement to get rid of anything not sentimental to myself and others to help clear the air quality down there. I am planning to convert the basement into an entertainment room. The air cleaner that is now installed in the heating as well as a/c proposal will make this all possible. I am planning to have friends over as well as just hang out down there. The heating as well as the a/c are already working good. I also proposal on having the heating as well as cooling supplier do bi-bi weekly check ups, tune ups as well as clean outs of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C ductwork once I easily get this going. I think i’m going to clean off that old stereo as well as well as just put it up in here for decoration as well as nostalgia!

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