I did that for a few years

For the past few years, I’ve been living in the same grimy old apartment that has plenty of problems to keep me occupied. The faucets leak, the roof leaks, and even the carpet in the living room feels damp at times. While my landlord has not been the most dedicated individual when it comes to keeping my apartment in good condition, he did come through for me when the summer months came. In the past, my apartment has used this ancient window A/C unit that provides hardly any decent air conditioning for my place. However, he recently told me that he was going to replace this old A/C unit and install something much better. I thought he was all talk until I came home one day from work, and saw this fancy new air handling unit within my home! The spot where the old window A/C unit had been was now empty, and this new air conditioner was installed on the wall just to the right of the window. I walked up to this new machine and adjusted the thermostat setting on it, and instantly the A/C kicked on. This air handler provided plenty of cool air within minutes, and my apartment felt much more comfortable for a change! I was even happier when my landlord told me that this ductless mini-split A/C unit would also provide heating when the cold weather came through. That was going to be a welcome change, seeing as I had been relying on this portable space heater for warmth for the past few winters. Now, if only my landlord would fix the leaking roof!

ductless air conditioning