I can’t wait to be out of the south because it is so hot

If you have ever lived somewhere hot you know how important it is to have an AC system.

I live in one of the hottest places in the south and I can’t wait to move out because no HVAC system can handle the intense heat down here.

I have had my HVAC technician come out to my house a few times already this year and at this point I am convinced that I will never have a good AC unit that can stand up to the heat. I am someone that really can’t focus without AC so I need to move. I have lived in the south all of my life and it’s so hot, I can remember AC being one of my favorite things about my day! I would get home from school and run to the air conditioner in my room and throw my arms around it. I see my kids do the same thing now and my AC system is about to break. I know that I could keep installing better AC units until I find the perfect one, but I would rather just move to a state that is not so hot. I don’t like to rely on AC to be comfortable and I would rather be outside and enjoy the nice cool temperatures. Maybe once I move I will regret saying that, but at the moment I really just don’t want to deal with my AC anymore. My HVAC technician has told me that in the last few years as things are getting hotter that people have been moving up north and his HVAC business has taken a hit. I think it’s kind of crazy that so many people have moved, enough for his HVAC business to be impacted.



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