I am obsessed

Before I go any further, let me just explain that I am anything but a superstitious person. I will walk right under a ladder, past a black cat, and drop a mirror on the ground all at once! However, I will say that there have been some… experiences, in my life, that I have a very hard time explaining with logic, reason or science. One such example would be with my fireplace, which was gas-lit. Randomly in the night, the fireplace would suddenly combust into a comfortable fire, which would be nice – if I was the one who made it happen! This happened twice in one week, forcing me to go to sleep with the fireplace damper opened until I could get someone to look at the gas line and see what was causing this. Sleeping with the damper opened of course led to other issues, like birds finding their way down the chimney and into my home! It was such a stupid situation and I was totally over it. I knew that it was just a matter of time before something serious happened, so I decided to prioritize my gas furnace inspection by a certified heating and air conditioning professional. When the HVAC technician arrived at my home several days later, he inspected the fireplace and then went down to the basement to check on the gas line. As it turned out, my gas-lit fireplace was still getting a small stream of gas from the gas line as it wasn’t fully switched off. I’m lucky I didn’t end up causing a small explosion in my house from all the gas leaking into the first floor!

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