I am having some troubles

Every time I visit our seasoned childhood apartment down south I am reminded of our sweltering warm seasons, but it is an amazing 3 story Victorian style apartment older than our parents… Mostly everything is seasoned plus in need of some drastic repair.  My number one memories of the apartment involve the community around it; There were tons of other families plus ladies for our siblings plus I to hang out with. I can remember in the warm season constantly waiting for the ice-cream guy to come around the corner plus deliver us some relief from the heat, but our cooling idea was broken most warm seasons, due to our mother constantly forgetting to call the Heating & Air Conditioning professional to have our a/c repaired. The warm seasons were wonderful other than the lack of a/c, and at least all of us had nature’s cooling system, the lake by our house. The lake by our apartment was a  appealing place to fish plus go swimming. The Winter on the other hand was not so disappointing without the Heating & Air Conditioning idea finally working, all of us never had many freezing afternoons plus did not miss the heating idea too much… Whenever I visit our mother in the warm season I supply her a strenuous time about repairing her a/c plus oil furnace, I tell her she needs to call any Heating & Air Conditioning provider around plus get them to install a current a/c plus oil furnace. I would appreciate to move back to the house, the first thing I would do is call the Heating & Air Conditioning provider myself plus get the a/c plus heating idea up plus running! I’m sure I could find hundreds of Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance companies. I might even start our own Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance plus replacement dealer, I remember all of our neighbors complaining about heating plus cooling troubles because of their heating systems plus a/cs.