Getting my pa's house

I had a legitimately close relationship with my Grandparents growing up, however they lived about an hour away from our lake house so I would make a point to see them at least once a week… I would spend time with my Grandmother in her garden plus my Grandpa would take me out to his shop plus show me how to maintenance cars.

I enjoyed spending time out there with them plus now that they have both passed away I entirely miss going out there each week.

My Grandpa passed away after my Grandmother, so he was the 1 to make the final decision on what they were going to do with their house. I always thought they would sell the house, however turns out they left it to me. I entirely didn’t need a house, but I thought I could maintenance it up plus rent it out for a few years. The first thing that needed to be fixed was the Heating & Air Conditioning system. My Grandpa was so stubborn plus never wanted to maintenance the Heating & Air Conditioning system. He thought the current Heating & Air Conditioning method they had was perfectly great plus didn’t need any improvements. However, the current Heating & Air Conditioning method they have has been in the lake house for over twenty years plus is in desperate need of an upgrade. So I called a local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier that I trust to come over plus inspect the Heating & Air Conditioning system. I wanted to think exactly what needed to be fixed with their Heating & Air Conditioning method so I could start saving currency to have it all fixed!


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