Getting a bank loan

When people go to these big box stores to buy a huge flat screen TV, they’re always willing to open up a store credit line – or worse, agree to some absurd financing agreement! Not me though. When I shop around or need to have some financial buffer space, I always go through my own bank first. Since I have a membership with my town’s local bank, I’ve been able to open up small loans here and there over the years to pay off big purchases. Most recently, I went through my own bank to pull a loan intended to cover repairs for my heating, ventilation and air conditioning system! See, many HVAC technicians and contractors would have you think that the only way to cover the repair costs is by setting up a payment plan through their company. That might be a more convenient way to pay for a repair, but it’s not the only way! I was also fortunate as my repairs weren’t absolutely critical to make sure the HVAC system was functional. My air conditioning  unit had been blowing warm air for about a week now, which was aggravating since the spring weather made the house much warmer than usual. After working with a heating and A/C contractor, I was able to establish the pricing for having a new air conditioning unit installed, as well as a modern smart thermostat through which I could more effectively control the A/C unit. Like I said before, I’m lucky that it isn’t the summer time yet. If it were, I might have to just take whatever deal the HVAC company can give.

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