Everything will be perfect

We’re about to have a baby in a few months. My wife and I have worked hard to get the nursery ready and everything. We painted it just the way we liked, and have everything set up nicely. While my wife was busy thinking about baby clothes and other decorations for the nursery, I was thinking about our baby’s health. I wanted the air quality to be as good as could be when the baby came into our lives. I decided to call an HVAC company to talk to them about superior air quality. We had an HVAC worker over to our place and he went over a few things with me. He said that it would be wise to install a quality air purification system. He also said that it would be good to have a humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit to keep the humidity levels just right. The HVAC worker checked everything out with the HVAC system also, and let me know that we could use HEPA air filters in our HVAC system. He explained that HEPA filters would filter out 99.99 percent of dust and allergens, which would allow for great air quality. I was onboard with everything the man was saying. He was the professional, so I was going to follow his advice to the T. So we ended up having all these things installed. We even had a smart thermostat installed where everything can be controlled on our phones, including the humidistat. I know that everything is going to be absolutely perfect for the baby!

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