Diet requires more heating.

 I have recently found out that while dieting may shrink your body, it shrinks a lot more than that.  Since I have been dieting, my ability to hold up in the cold weather has also shrunk. I remember how I used to laugh at my mom for wearing a sweater when it was 90 degrees outside.  I don’t remember a day going by this winter, when I wasn’t reaching for a jacket because I was cold. My husband was constantly checking the thermostat and telling me the temperature of the house.  He couldn’t understand why I was cold when it was seventy-two in the room. I told him that he hadn’t just lost fifty pounds. My insulation was shrinking away, along with the body fat. I was turning the thermostat up several times a day, hoping to get the furnace to give me just a little more heat.  When the energy bill arrived, we found out that my shrinking was inflating the energy bill. Last week, he came home with a big load of wood. We have a wood burning heater in the living room. He loaded the stove up with kindling and then laid the wood inside. Before long, I had a fire blazing and finally I could feel the heat.  An hour later, I swapped the jacket for a light sweater. The heat felt phenomenal, but I was still a bit chilly. Half an hour later, he brought a space heater up from the basement and put it in my office. He had found it while cleaning and was hoping I would finally become warm enough he could put out the fire in the stove.

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