Certified HVAC specialist

Most of my friends don’t know this, but I work on the weekends as an HVAC specialist. During the week, I work in a classroom full of students. There is fingerpaint on the walls, alphabet letters on the bulletin boards, and even a small bathroom in the corner. I love working with the kids, but it doesn’t pay a lot of money. My average paycheck barely covers monthly expenses like the gas bill, the electric bill, and the water. I love teaching, so I would never give it up. Luckily, my brother owns a small HVAC repair company. On the weekends, he lets me work part time for a little extra cash. I’ve been working for the HVAC repair company for the past two years. During that time, I have been able to save a lot of money. I caught up on all of the bills, and started stacking money away for a place of my own. I already have several thousands of dollars saved, and I am looking to buy something next year. My brother is a great guy, and I am fortunate to have a second job. Sometimes on weekends, I ride around with him to perform quality control inspections. It gives us an opportunity to spend time together, during our busy day to day lives. I don’t think that any of my students know that I work as an HVAC specialist, but I run into a parent every now and again. Since I’m out in the community on weekends, I often perform routine HVAC maintenance for parents and faculty. We even offer a discount for my coworkers.

HVAC contractor