Big time cold

I have put in a good deal of effort & expense to live the way I choose to live! I get what I want & I am willing to spend my money for that privilege. This is not a boast but just the facts. I have endured a long job where I had to sacrifice a good deal to be where I am today. I get what I want now & I expect that to be the case. There are 2 other ladies on my team as assistants. They were to be in charge of the care of my residence while I was abroad for an art buying trip. Returning to my residence, it appears as though I will have to fire one of them. I opened the front door to a blast of overheated, moist air. The thermostat was reading at 88 degrees. The state of the art HVAC machine had been turned off. I could only hope the heating & cooling machine had not been off all the long. As soon as I turned up the lights I knew it was entirely bad. There were signs of mildew on a good number of my extremely rare possessions. The HVAC machine must stay on in order to maintain the respected humidity levels. This is a must & someone decided to drop the ball. Either someone turned off the heating & cooling machine or the power went out. Whatever happened, my residence was not checked on as required. My first call will be to a cleaning crew to come in instantly & see what can be saved. I will be back in a hotel room until the cleaning is altogether completed. My next call will be to my 2 assistants to meet me for a better understanding of how the HVAC machine was left off for much of my time away.


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