My lakehouse entirely needs an upgrade

I have been the owner of our lakehouse for over 15 years, & I entirely think that it needs an upgrade, and when I first got the lakehouse it didn’t even have an Heating & Air Conditioning system! There wasn’t anything that resembled an A/C device at all.

When I told myself and others friends & family this they thought they I was exaggerating because they had never been somewhere separate from AC, however I assured them I was not lying.

Once our family came to visit the beach house during the summer time & they instantly noticed I wasn’t joking about the lack of AC! I still haven’t adding an Heating & Air Conditioning plan to the house because everytime I go I end up deciding that it entirely isn’t worth it. I usually just go into the lake when I would normally blast the AC. I end up saving a lot more money, plus it would cost a ton of money just to get an Heating & Air Conditioning worker to come visit the lake house. I don’t live close to any Heating & Air Conditioning business, in fact I live about 20 miles from the nearest Heating & Air Conditioning worker. I have had friends offer to install a window A/C device or something appreciate that, however I usually just tell them no thank you, but now I am at the point where I legitimately do want to upgrade our house, including our Heating & Air Conditioning system. I have decided that I am going to do the Heating & Air Conditioning work myself, at least I will try to do it. I have watched many videos about Heating & Air Conditioning & I think I have a pretty wonderful understanding. If it turns out that I can’t figure out the Heating & Air Conditioning then all of us will change our mind.


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My buddy went on getaway & I couldn’t figure out the smart control unit

Recently a wonderful friend of mine went on getaway & asked myself and others to look after her house… I told her I would prefer to watch the house, especially because it’s a apartment with a waterfront view! When I got to the house I noticed it was honestly cold & I tried looking for the control unit, then everything in the house was honestly futuristic looking however I eventually found the smart control unit. I figured that a smart control device would be relatively easy to control, however I didn’t have the app for it & I realized it was attached only to her PC, then this meant I couldn’t figure out how to control the Heating & Air Conditioning separate from her PC! I knew that it had to just be myself and others so I called a friend of mine that works as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker. The friend couldn’t help myself and others because she said she doesn’t do smart control units. I thought every Heating & Air Conditioning worker worked with smart control units, however I guess I was wrong! I decided that I would stop trying to mess with the Heating & Air Conditioning plan & instead I turned to the seasoned fashioned route! My friend had a fireplace that I could tell had easily never been used. I turned the fireplace on, & it was legitimately a lot nicer than you might expect! After awhile I didn’t even notice that there was no gas furnace running, the fireplace was just wonderful enough for me! Next time I watch someone’s house I am going to ask for a run down on the A/C device & gas furnace to make sure that I will be able to figure it out.

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My friends are spoiled with their jobs

My friends always get mad at me, because I can’t take vacation time during the summer months.

They don’t work seasonal jobs, and they definitely don’t understand restrictions and limits.

A lot of my friends want to go to the beach, the lake, or take a flight to other places abroad. Unfortunately, summer is the busiest time of the year for me and my company. I am the manager of a local HVAC company. We have over 200 stores in the country, but this is the only branch in 500 miles. We are constantly busy, and summer is the worst. That’s because the temperatures here can be scorching, humid, and ugly. Everyday is hotter than the last, and even the occasional rain shower doesn’t help cool down the temperatures. It rains for 10 or 15 minutes, and then it’s even more humid than an hour previously. Everyone in our area relies on their air conditioner, and that’s why the summer season is so busy. I rarely allow my HVAC technicians to ask for time off during the summer. As the manager of the HVAC company, I can’t ask more of my employees than I am willing to give. I wish my friends could understand how important our service is to the community. I know they just want to get out and have a good time, but I wish they wouldn’t mind going during the spring or the fall. I would love to join them for fishing and hiking and boating fun, but I can’t leave my HVAC technicians in the lurch.

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Cleaning out the drain line is an easy job that helps a lot

I’m busy all of the time, and I don’t have a lot of free days for yard work and home maintenance. I can barely keep up with the lawn and flower beds. The summer months are the worst, because the grass grows faster. If I don’t mow the lawn every Saturday, the neighbors on the other side of the street will complain about the length. I usually change the air filters every other month, which is good enough for my home. I don’t smoke or have allergies, and I don’t have any cats, dogs, or birds. Since there aren’t a lot of indoor are pathogens or germs, I don’t have to change the air filter frequently. I also rarely clean the air vents, unless I am bored on a rainy day. One job that I do perform regularly, is cleaning out the drain line for my air conditioner. The summer is always hot and undoubtedly humid. The air conditioner gets a real workout, and that can cost a huge fortune. The last thing I need is to come home from work and find the air conditioner broke down. I regularly clear the drain line, because clogged drain lines is a huge problem that can occur during the summer months. A lot of water drains out of the air conditioner, and algae or sludge can prevent proper flow. If the drain line becomes blocked, the whole air conditioner can suffer a malfunction. I normally use the leaf blower to clear the drain line, and it works really well. I also clean the leaf and tree debris away from the outdoor condenser, because it can get sucked into the machine and cause problems.


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He moved to the hot south

The people I was with and I live in the midwestern area of the country, then one of the best things about living here is the fact that while I was in the summertime, the un-even temperatures just don’t get that hot! Sure, it starts heating up here sporadically around the month of May, however the people I was with and I don’t usually have to use our air conditioning until the end of June.

the weather is fairly mild throughout the summer.

Our good friend Joe recently moved down south plus he is struggling with the big change in weather conditions, and joe got a entirely good task offer down there plus so he said that he felt like he couldn’t pass up the opportunity, but at the time that he moved, the people I was with and I all thought it was a good program plus the people I was with and I were cheerful for him; When I talked to him yupterday, though, he mentioned that he thinks he may have made a poor mistake. Joe said that ever since he arrived at his current arena, the un-even temperatures outside have been in the upper nineties! He said that he feels like he’s melting, plus he’s had to turn his temperature control down as far as it will go, but not only is Joe struggling with the change in the heat, even though he said that the humidity is terrible. He said that he’s going to have to get an air purification program for his house, along with a major upgrade to his existing central cooling system, however i know when you make a big transfer like Joe did, you have to also assume about the weather conditions control situation! Poor Joe. I think like the people I was with and I should take up a collection for him to help out with his cooling system bills.

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Working on the ranch is a hot one

I’m just a farmhand, in addition to let me tell you, it’s aboilingjob

I work on this giant poultry farm out in the country. It’s a undoubtedlyboilingand stinky job. As you can imagine, chickens are kind of dirty in addition to smelly. Well, there are a lot of people besides me who work on the farm, and most of us are outdoor guys in addition to the people I was with and I work on feeding in addition to watering the poultry in addition to making sure they don’t get too hot. When the sunlight is beating down on the chicken houses, they start heating up entirely fast. If the people I was with and I don’t make sure to keep the control units regulated properly, after that I could lose a whole lot of animals – in addition to profits – to heat exhaustion. But the people I was with and I can’t exactly use cooling system to cool off these sizable chicken houses. The barns that lake house the chickens are immense in addition to rectangular. They are open in addition to they have undoubtedly little ventilation. There are no windows in the houses, in addition to so of course there aren’t any window unit cooling systems either. Every one of us absolutely end up relying on these enormous types of box fans to suck the air from a single end of the chicken lake house to the other in order to give the animals some ventilation. I personally guess that it would be a good thing to absolutely have some type of cooling system in the chicken houses, but I’m not in charge, of course. I’m just a farmhand, in addition to let me tell you, it’s aboilingjob. I’m absolutely a little bit jealous of the people who get to work inside in the offices because they get to lay at ipads in a nice, air conditioned office! Whenever I go inside to turn in my counts in addition to numbers, I like to stay in the cooling system for as long as I can.


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Our neighbor just moved down south in addition to she is struggling with the heat

Every one of us live in the midwestern section of the country, then one of the best things about living here is the fact that during the summertime, the temperatures just don’t get that hot, however sure, it starts heating up here sometimes around the month of May, but the people I was with and I don’t usually have to use our cooling system until the end of June.

the weather is fairly mild throughout the summer.

Our good neighbor Joe recently moved down south in addition to she is struggling with the giant change in climate! Joe got a entirely good job offer down there in addition to so she said that she felt like she couldn’t pass up the opportunity! At the time that she moved, the people I was with and I all thought it was a good system in addition to the people I was with and I were happy for him. When I talked to him sureterday, though, she mentioned that she thinks she may have made a awful mistake. Joe said that ever since she arrived at her up-to-date place, the temperatures outside have been in the upper nineties… She said that she feels like he’s melting, in addition to he’s had to turn her control unit down as far as it will go, then not only is Joe struggling with the change in the heat, even though she said that the humidity is terrible. She said that he’s going to have to get an air purification program for her house, along with a major upgrade to her existing central , then i guess when you make a giant move like Joe did, you have to also guess about the climate control situation! Poor Joe. I feel like the people I was with and I should take up a collection for him to help out with her cooling system bills.

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The gross air conditioning filter

The air filter was black and slimy and covered with mold and dirt

Last summer, I volunteered to be a staff member at a local summer time camp. I wasn’t seasoned enough to be a counselor and deal with the children. Instead, I volunteered to clean and help with meal preparation. One of the bonuses to our task is that both of us had a lot more free time than anyone else, and both of us also had an air-conditioned room. They couldn’t afford to put a/cs in all of the lodges, so they just let us have the a/c. It was actually nice to have air conditioner because it was actually boiling during the summer time at this camp; During any free time, both of us could hide away in our room and set the thermostat, but everyone was jealous of our room. After a few weeks of working at camp, both of us began to start feeling sick. In fact, all the people in our room began to become ill. We had no plan why both of us were getting sick, so both of us mentioned it to 1 of the senior staff. They right away suspected that something might be wrong with the a/c. This a/c was seasoned and not used often, and they had no plan when the last time when the air filter on the a/c had been cleaned. When they pulled it apart, both of us ladies almost threw up. The air filter was black and slimy and covered with mold and dirt. That would entirely make a whole bunch of people sick. The cleaned the air filter and turned the a/c on again. After a few mornings, both of us all began to recognize better!

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Camp won't give us cooling

For nearly every summer time since I reached the age of 8, I have faithfully attended a summer time camp in my area! It is always a fun week in my life, and it provides a break from the busyness and linkivity of the world that both of us live in. Once I became a teenager, I decided to volunteer on staff, but when I graduated high school, they promoted myself and others to a counseling position at the camp, however there were a lot of good things about the camp, however the 1 thing that I didn’t prefer about the camp was that there was no a/c in my lodge or dorm. It was a summer time camp, and I wouldn’t have minded the lack of air conditioner so much if nobody had air conditioner! However, all of the ladies had air conditioner. They had cool air throughout the week, however the men had to suffer through the heat with only a fan. This seemed unfair to me. I am all for being a gentleman, however surely the camp could have made an effort to provide air conditioner for us children. This summer time camp was in the south, and those dorms felt prefer a oil furnace during the afternoon, and at evening, it was a little cooler, however it was not cool enough to be comfortable, however since it was so hot, both of us were consistently perspiring, and it made the rooms aroma bad. All of that could have been prevented with a good a/c. Thankfully, both of us did find a way to lower our body hot and cold temperatures; Cold showers are not usually pleasant, however they were that afternoon!

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Desert a/c

I am from the far North, where gas furnaces and wood-stoves are a way of life.

You hardly ever needed air conditioning because it tended to be really cool outside.

Even during the summer, the air conditioning was convenient, but not necessary. However, when I decided to go to university, I attended a university in the southern part of the West Coast. I was literally in the middle of a desert. It was always hot, and gas furnaces were nothing compared to the power of the sun. I was really thankful to find that my dorm room had its own air conditioning. It was the same kind of air conditioning that hotel rooms consistently had, and it worked well. I soon discovered that desert heat is not the same as northern heat. The humidity is what makes the difference. The heat of the part that I was in was always dry, making the heat tolerable. The only difference was that my lips and skin were always chapping no matter what day or month it was. The air conditioning didn’t help either! I tried hot water to add some humidity to the air, but eventually, I just decided to purchase a humidifier for my dorm room. We cut the cost, and both of us also enjoyed the comfort together. In the winter, I was really surprised to learn that you still needed a furnace for the dorm room. Though it wasn’t as chilly as where I grew up, when you became accustomed to the heat, even a mild chilly will think cold. I can’t wait to go back apartment where the climate and temperature are something that I am used to.

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