Attending a concert with no air conditioning

Without air conditioning, the concert was not that enjoyable

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to the weather changes. In my local area, the summer heat seems to last forever. It’s rare when we get a day that isn’t swelteringly hot and brutally humid. We never even get a cloudy sky or a bit of rain. For the past six months, it’s been nothing but sunshine, heat and humidity all day and night. For a while, the summer weather feels great. I am delighted to spend time out in the sunshine and get a tan. However, after several months straight, I am ready for some cooler weather. I had hopes that the fall temperatures would arrive in time for an outdoor concert I wanted to attend. Since I’d already bought the tickets, I was stuck enduring the heat. Walking into the venue, I was relieved that the air felt pleasant. Once I stepped inside the doors, I was hit by hot and sticky conditions. The crowd was clearly adding a great deal of body heat to the concert hall. I immediately started to sweat. Our seats were located in the upper balcony, and we hoped this would provide better access to the air conditioner vents. Unfortunately, hot air rises and I’m not convinced the air conditioning was even running. There seemed to be no influx of cool air or ventilation whatsoever. I noticed very large fans set up on stage to provide some cool air for the musicians. Without air conditioning, the concert was not that enjoyable. I was simply anxious to get back outside. I couldn’t wait to climb into my car and blast the air conditioner. From now on, I plan to be more aware of the time of year when I purchase tickets.

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