All About That Really Awesome Smart Thermostat I Bought

Getting a smart thermostat in my home was something I was shooting for.

I had been saving up enough money to get the very best smart thermostat I could possibly find on the market today.

Well, I finally reached that goal! Just the other month I got the best and most pricey smart thermostat that my local heating and air conditioning company had available, and it has changed my life for the best! Ever since I have had my smart thermostat, I feel that I have a lot more freedom with my heating and air conditioning needs. Not to mention the fact that by having the smart thermostat, I am saving a whole ton of money. How am I saving money you may be asking yourself? Well, with the smart thermostat giving me total control on not having my HVAC system running when I am not home, it cuts down on energy use. In turn, this has made my electric bills a lot lower in the Summer months of the year! I am used to paying at least three hundred dollars and some change per month. But, ever since I have had this smart thermostat, the electric bills have been only a little under two hundred dollars and some change. That is a little over one hundred dollars a month energy savings all together! In a year’s time, I would have saved close to a thousand bucks! They should rename the smart thermostat to the money making thermostat! Because as regular thermostats used to cost you money, the smart thermostat is actually making you money!

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